A Modern Procedure Replacing Traditional Surgery

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Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP)

Traditional gum surgery is invasive and downright scary for most people. Thankfully, LANAP is a more modern form of procedure that uses a laser to target and remove gum tissue. Diseased tissues can be removed quickly and without the use of painful scalpels. Overall, the surgery is less painful, less invasive, and with faster recovery time. LANAP is a specialized procedure that requires a special year-long training process to provide. Overall, this means that few dentists can provide this procedure.

Procedural Overview

During the procedure, your dentist will start by probing your gums to determine the level of treatment you will need per tooth. Then, they will use a laser to destroy infection-causing bacteria. Next, ultrasonic scalers and other instruments will help remove tartar buildup. After that, the laser connects gum tissue back to the root. Finally, we may grind down some teeth to further prevent new tartar development.

How Long Does LANAP Take?

Generally, this procedure will take roughly an hour depending on the extent of the care you need. Additionally, you may require a second visit to continue the procedure with a severe enough case.

The First Few Days After Your Procedure

While the recovery time for the procedure is only about a day, you should follow these steps for a better recovery and stronger gums. Firstly, do not brush your teeth or floss for 7-10 days after the procedure. You should also follow a soft diet as recommended by your dentist. Lastly, do not smoke. Smoking interferes with the healing process and impairs the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Smoking can elongate the healing process, leaving you at a greater risk of infection or tooth movement after the procedure.

Recovery Time of LANAP

Most patients experience minimal pain for up to the day after the procedure. Generally, recovery time is only 24 hours. This is considerably faster than the 2-4 weeks that more invasive gum surgeries can take. Overall, patients experience much less pain, less bleeding, less gum loss, and less swelling. Most people experience less tooth and gum sensitivity as well. There is also less risk of post-op infection.


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